Psalms 70-72

Look closer with me at Psalm 71

I have noticed a trend as I get older, and that trend I see in many senior adults in our church family. That trend is, as followers of Christ grow older, their faith tends to get stronger in the sovereignty of God. 

What I mean by sovereignty of God is that God is Lord over all of creation and there is nothing in this world that does not happen outside of His control. 

I think sometimes it takes perspective too look back over your life and see how God has made things work out for our good and for His glory. Here is the question: if God is not in control, then who is? God being in control makes trials and suffering meaningful. Without God, suffering and trials are cruel and meaningless. Think about it. People often blame God or doubt God’s existence, or at least a loving God, because of all of the suffering around the world. But a loving God, being sovereign over all things, is what gives suffering and trials purpose and gives us hope beyond suffering. Sometimes we can only see this clearly at an older age. 

David in this psalm seems to be a bit older and is now reflecting on his life. In verses 5 and 6, David reflects on his youth and that, from birth, God has been, “his trust and who he leaned on.” In verse 9 David says, “Do not cast me off in my old age, forsake me not when my strength is spent.” and again in verse 17-18, David reflects on how God has been his, “God from his youth.” 

So you can see that David, still dealing with his enemies in his old age, is reflecting on God’s faithfulness throughout his life, and still praising the Lord, hoping in Him and trusting in God’s sovereign hand of deliverance. 

I want you to look at this psalm and see how many times David say’s “you or your” in reference to God in this psalm. I counted 28 times in only 24 verses. Who is the central focus in this psalm? As David is in his old age its as if he is looking back and saying, “you have always been in control, throughout my whole life…”

  • You have been my refuge (verse 1)
  • You are my hope (verse 5)
  • in You I trust (verse 5)
  • You listen to me (verse 2)
  • You knew me before I was born (verse 6)
  • You brought on the trials of my life (verse 20)
  • You brought me through those trials (verse 20)  
  • You have done great things (verse 19)
  • You have saved me (verse 3)
  • I will praise You for Your faithfulness! (verses 22-24)

Wow! Does this list not make you want to shout praises to God? Don’t wait until the end of your life to look back and see how God has been faithful to praise him! Look back on your life today and see how good God has been and how faithful He is! God is sovereign and that gives meaning and purpose even in the midst of a pandemic, in loss of jobs, in death, in life, in a crashing economy! God is never out of control so we praise Him now! Because we know we will look back on this and praise Him later! 

I love how David says in verse 18, “O God do not forsake me until I proclaim your might to another generation…” There is a generation alive right now that has lived through 9/11, a recession, a war that seems to never end in Iraq, and now a world wide pandemic….what they need is an older generation that has walked through many of the same tragedies to proclaim to them that God is faithful, powerful, in control, and who still does great thingsMay we be a church that praises God and proclaims God’s faithfulness to generation after generation! May we be a church that wants to see another generation be bold in their faithfulness and wants to reach the next generations for the Glory of God!