Psalms 67-69

Today I want to take a closer look at Psalm 69.

Have you taken a position, or taken a stance on something, in the midst of opposition before? Something that you were convinced that the position you were taking was true and worth standing for? 

In this psalm, David makes this statement that was so powerful to me. In verse 13, he says “But as for me…

We can see, yet again, David is praying for deliverance from his enemies. He begins this psalm with, “Save me O God! For the waters have come up to my neck.” He actually says, “His eyes grow dim with waiting for my God.” (in verses 1 and 3).

Can you feel the wait of what David is going through? Can you relate? You cry out to God because it seems like you are sinking, and you have been waiting for God to move and you don’t know how much longer you can wait? 

David’s prayer as a leader of the nation of Israel, and as an influencer, is for the people he leads! He asks God to not let those he leads be dishonored because of him, or that they not be put to shame because of him. (verses 5 and 6). In verse 7, David actually says it is for God’s sake that he is bearing the wait of persecution from his enemies. David’s zeal for the Lord, and his faithfulness to God, is what has brought on the persecution from his enemies. 

And then, in verse 13, David makes the statement, “But as for me, my prayer is to you, O lord. At an acceptable time, O God, in the abundance of your steadfast love answer me in your saving faithfulness.”

Have you made a decision today that you can say, “But as for me?” No matter what I am walking though, no matter how long I have to wait on God, my prayer and my trust will be in HIS timing? 

David continues his psalm, and in verses 30-33, David says “I will praise the name of God with a song. I will magnify Him with thanksgiving.” 

Will you praise God and give him thanksgiving no matter what you walk through? I know that you can look at other people who are complaining, being negative, maybe cutting corners to get by. But will you stand today and say, “but as for me,” I don’t care what everyone else does in this world! I’m tired of following the flow of culture; today I am making a stand and saying, “but as for me…I will pray to God, I will praise God with a song, I will give thanksgiving to God.” 

(Extra credit: I want you to look at this psalm and see if you see anything that points to Jesus. A “Jesus scavenger hunt,” if you will. There are specific words in this text that the New Testament says were to describe the messiah to come and Jesus was the fulfillment of.) Praise God for his promises fulfilled in Jesus when you find them. 

I want you to know, that even when you fall short, and want to give up, Jesus never did. That is why He is our savior. You and I will never be perfect in our resolve, but Jesus was. In the face of persecution and crucifixion, Jesus said ,”But as for me…” and He said that for you and I. He remained faithful, so we can rest in His perfection and not our own.