Psalms 52-54

Let’s focus is on Psalm 54.

People often ask my wife and I where we came up with the names of our daughters. Our response is normally, “we just liked them.” There wasn’t really any reason for the names we gave our daughters and there is no deeper meaning really. 

The nation of Israel was different. A name was to reveal the very character of the person

In this psalm, David says, “your name” in the beginning and end in verse 1 and in verse 6, bookending the psalm. 

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Psalm 54: 1-6

1O God, save me by your name,
and vindicate me by your might.
2O God, hear my prayer;
give ear to the words of my mouth.
3 For strangers have risen against me;
ruthless men seek my life;
they do not set God before themselves.
4Behold, God is my helper;
the Lord is the upholder of my life.
5He will return the evil to my enemies;
in your faithfulness put an end to them.
6With a freewill offering I will sacrifice to you;
I will give thanks to your name, O Lord, for it is good.

First David says, “save me by your name.” By David saying this, he is calling on the saving character of God. It is in God’s character to save those who ask Him for salvation. Then David says, “vindicate me by your might.” I looked up what it means to vindicate someone and it means, “clear of blame or innocence” and is typically used as a legal term, like in a court room or trial situation. So basically, we can look at David as the defendant approaching a judge asking for salvation from the judge. He wants the judge to clear him of blame against his enemies who are in pursuit of him. 

The reality is that we all stand before God, who is the judge, guilty of sin, with an enemy who is in hot pursuit to destroy us (as mentioned in John 10:10) But God is our helper, and upholder of our lives through faith in Jesus. God is Judge, but he is also the justifier. He judges us because of our sin, but “everyone who calls on the name of the lord will be saved.” (Romans 10:13) We will be declared “vindicated” or “clear of blame.”  

I love the confidence in the name of the God in verses 6-7 where David says, “I will give thanks to your name for it is good, For He has delivered me from every trouble…” 

If we go back to the courtroom analogy for just a moment. We stand guilty before a holy, righteous, and loving God and when we cry out to Him “save us, or clear us of our sin” because of His good character, He declares us NOT GUILTY! Not only that but HE, as the judge, says, “I will pay the penalty for your sin.”

This is what God has done through His son, Jesus. Today is “Good Friday.” Good Friday is the day that Jesus was crucified on the Cross. The only way that this day can be called “good” is because of what the cross has done for those who “call on the name of Jesus.” And the blood poured out for us, who call on His name, washes away our sin and declares us not guilty! 

Give thanks to the name of the Lord on this “Good Friday” because His name is Good. Goodness is in His character.