Psalms 43-45

Lets take a closer look at Psalm 44 today. I wanted to look closer at Psalm 44 because some see Psalm 42, Psalm 43 and Psalm 44 as a unit. What we looked at in Psalm 42 was the reality of an individual psalmist mourning, yet finding a confident hope in God as his salvation. Psalm 44 is more of a corporate psalm where the nation is in mourning and calling on God for deliverance. 

Look at the language in Psalm 44 starting in verse 1, “O God, WE have heard…”, “Through you WE push down our foes…”(verse 5), “But you have saved US..” etc. The shift is clear when you read closely, that the text goes from individual to a national lament. 

The theme in this psalm is the suffering of the faithful. The nation is going through persecution although they have been faithful to God. They, as a nation, look back on their history and God’s sovereignty over them, protecting them and delivering them (as seen in verses 1-3). In verses 4-8, they say as a nation, that God is still their King in whom they trust. And yet they still suffer persecution, though they have been faithful (verses 9-22). Finally, in verses 23-26, they call out to God for deliverance and action.

Throughout God’s Word we have examples of those who are faithful to God still experiencing suffering, trials, and persecution. This may seem unjust to someone who does not have faith in God, to think that a loving God would allow suffering on His children. But those of us who have faith in God and are His children, through Jesus Christ, know that because He is a loving God our suffering, trials, or persecution are only for the night and joy comes is in the morning!

Suffering is inevitable. No one goes through life without suffering, trials, and hardships. The grace of God is in the fact that He is with us in the midst of suffering. And that there is a purpose in our suffering. Not only that, but He endured suffering on our behalf. Look at the cross of Jesus. Jesus was a truly innocent, blameless, sinless man, who suffered death on the cross for you and I so that we could could have confidence that suffering ends here and we will live an eternity without suffering with Him in heaven. Although we suffer, and even expect suffering on this side of eternity, that does not stop us from crying out to God for deliverance! When we cry out to God we are demonstrating to God, and the world, that He is our hope, He is our deliverer, and in Him alone do we trust! 

Let us, as a church, cry out to God; that God would “Rise up and come to our help!”  That He would redeem His church for the “sake of his steadfast love.” because He is our King and our God.