Psalms 130-132

Today I want us to take a closer look at Psalm 130

There are a few ways that we can respond to our sin. We can justify our sin, we can try and hide our sin, make up for our sin, or we can confess our sin. 

When we justify our sin, what we tend to do is compare it to other people. We say, “at least I haven’t killed someone”, or we can say, “everyone gossips, looks at porn, cheats on taxes, moves in together before they are married, sleeps together etc. etc.” or, “the Bible is outdated and our culture is different.” We can even justify our sin by saying, “God is love” and somehow we use that as justification do whatever we want.  

We try to hide our sin by covering it up and pretending that it isn’t there. We say, “No one will ever know” or “No one has to know.” We even try to hide it from God and cover it up! You know that justifying your sin, and hiding your sin are the same ways that Adam and Eve responded. What did they do? They hid in the garden from the presence of God and they justified their own sin by blaming each other, “The woman you gave me” said Adam. “It’s the serpents fault” said Eve! 

We also try to make up for it by acting religious or being “good” people. We think if we pray, give money, go to church, read our bibles then that makes up for our sin. 

Or we can confess our sin, which is what God wants us to do! I think justifying, hiding, and making up for our sin, shows that we don’t really know our God! 

Let’s look at this psalm. This is whats is known as a “penitent” psalm which means it is a psalm of confession, of deep sorrow over the psalmist’s sin and repentance from sin. 

Verse 1 begins with showing us just how deep the psalmist’s sorrow is over his sin. “Out of the depths I cry.” This is where our confession of sin should begin, with a deep sorrow that we have sinned against a holy God. Although the psalmist is sorrowful over sin, he doesn’t sit in his guilt. His confession to God shows his faith in God in being the only one who can extend forgiveness. In verse 2 he says “Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my pleas for mercy.”

Look at verse 3: “If you O lord should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand.” Have you ever thought, “what if God repaid people immediately for every sin they ever committed?” Thats what this verse is saying. If God would count every sin at the moment of that sin, who could stand? That is a rhetorical question implying no one! 

But, verse 4 is the response…”but with God there is forgiveness, that he should be feared (revered)” God’s forgiveness should lead us to a place of repentance and confession! Paul says ,”Its your kindness Lord, that leads us to repentance.” Not only is God just, but He is full of grace and mercy! Verse 5 “I wait for the Lord…in his word I hope.” God has promised forgiveness if we confess and repent! So why do we justify, hide, or try to make up for it?! God has offered forgiveness to all who confess! 

Verses 7-8 is the psalmist’s recognition of the Lord’s forgiveness spilling out onto other people! He calls on the nation to hope in the Lord, look what he says: “with him there is PLENTIFUL redemption.” God has so much redemption stored up for all who would turn from their sin. Confess and hope in Him! 

Don’t hide from your sin! There is plentiful redemption for you! Don’t justify your sin! There is plentiful redemption for you! Don’t try to “good work” your sin! There is plentiful redemption for you! And it was all proven in Jesus! He redeems us from our sin! He justifies our sin, He covers our sin in His blood! Turn to Jesus! Hope in His word today! If you already have done this, tell others about the plentiful redemption that God has for them!