Psalms 13-15

When I read Psalm 14 today, I was immediately challenged and encouraged at the same time. The Psalmist says that God looks down to see if there are any who seek after Him and He see’s that there is no one who does good and all have turned aside from Him. In verse 3, he actually says “not even one” person has sought after him or who does good.

I became a little proud and self righteous for a moment thinking, “well, I do good…I seek after God.” But then I got to verse 7. I was reminded that salvation comes from God and not from myself or my “goodness.” I was reminded that I needed saving because I was not seeking after God…He sought after me. I am not good, but Jesus is good and His righteousness covers me. 

The reality is that we are all born in sin. If we were all already “good” we would not need Jesus. What would we need salvation from? 

This is the good news of the gospel! That, even though we were lost in our sin and not seeking after God, He seeks after you and me! He came down from heaven to “seek and save that which is lost.” (Luke 19:10

This truth brings us rest today to know that God loves and cares so much about us that He would send His son Jesus to die for us. If God cares so much about us to save us from our sins by sending His Son to die, would He not care for our every daily need? Especially our eternal needs? Rest in this reality – the reality of a God who loves, cares, and seeks after you!