Q&A with Lynn Stewart

What is your favorite trip you’ve taken and why?
I went to France for a month back in 2005. It was a paid trip with all expenses included plus a salary to be a guardian for a 4th grade girl. I had the best time EVER! I got to see so many beautiful places.
What’s do you enjoy doing the most outside of work?
I love to go junkin'! That’s my term for exploring through antique shops.
What is your favorite instrument?
I love the cello. I don’t play it though, I just like the sound of it. I have played piano since I was 10.
What is the #1 thing on your bucket list?
I would love to travel to Austria, Germany, Switzerland. And maybe learn how to play the cello. I know that’s two things, but I can’t decide!

Lynn Stewart

Children's Director / Ministry Assistant

Lynn is the Preschool director and one of the ministry assistants. She has been apart of the Annistown Road Church team for 3 years but she has been a part of the Annistown Road family for 11 years. She loves people and is always willing to help. She has served in many different capacities at our church. Lynn is married to James and she has 2 daughters who are both married with families. Lynn not only works at Annistown Road Chruch but she is a member because she loves the people at the church. The people at Annistown have taught her that they will always love her no matter what she goes through in life and they will always be by her side. Lynn hopes that Annistown Road will reach thousands of people for the kingdom of God and for his glory in our community.