Midweek Gatherings 2024

Every week, we gather together on Sunday morning to worship through music, giving, prayer, and the reading of God’s Word. Well, we also gather on Wednesday evenings! This is time for us to really dive deeper into the richness of the Bible, and we challenge ourselves to study it so that it changes us. This is where authentic life-change can happen.

So what’s new?

In 2023, we launched a new Wednesday night experience for adult Bible Studies, as well as some awesome Kids and Students activities. For adults, instead of one Bible study, there are three Study Tracks, each with different classes. Each track is centered around a unique area of development. When you pick a track, you get to follow the classes in that area of development!

Jump in and join us in 2024 when we start back up on January 3rd!

Track 1 focuses on deepening the understanding of our faith so that we can then share it with others. The Study of the Holy Spirit will be our focus this semester.

Track 2 focuses on spiritual disciplines and growing our own personal relationships with Jesus. How to Study the Bible will be our focus.

Track 3 focuses on developing our leadership skills so that we can lead others while following Jesus. Leadership of Daniel will be our focus.

We are so excited to share this new, intentional opportunity to study God’s word with you. Clear your Wednesday evenings and make gathering a priority this year!

Ready to grow together? See you there! 😎